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Urban Data Project

The Urban Data Project is a combination of new technology and transparent policies for cities. Collecting, protecting and applying data to improve city living. We’ve been working with them to build their brand, and the website has just launched.

BP&O Best Studios 2018

We’re delighted to have been chosen as one of the best studios of the year by eminent brand identity blog BP&O.  Thanks to BP&O and Richard Baird for the feature, read the full article here

Test Teach signs

These A-board signs have just arrived with the client. They were designed as part of the new brand identity for Test Teach, who help children to pass the 11+ exams. More on this project to come next year.

Fedrigoni 365 calendar and launch event

We have contributed to the Fedrigoni 365 annual calendar again, this year we designed the entry for 17 October:

In Italian culture the number 17 is considered unlucky. It is not uncommon to find buildings without the 17th floor, or planes without seat number 17. The Renault 17, respecting this superstition, was sold in Italy as the Renault 177. It was presented at the Paris Motor Show, 7–17 October, 1971.

You can buy the book here with profits going to Shelter.

Virgin Canteen Interior

A first look at our recent redesign of the Virgin headquarters canteen interior, with Paul Crofts Studio.

RB Designed

Continuing our relationship with bespoke furniture designer Rupert Bevan, we recently designed the identity for Rupert’s ready to order collection ‘RB Designed’. The collection was launched this month at a pop up shop in Westbourne Grove.

Gold at the Heist Awards 2018

We’re extremely delighted our prospectus for London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine picked up Gold at the Heist Awards 2018 for best postgraduate prospectus

PA Consulting – Annual Review

We recently designed the annual review for PA Consulting, an innovation and transformation consultancy, great to see the printed copies.