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Fare is one of London’s most unique and versatile catering businesses, serving up exquisite dishes at heritage venues. From the historical Ironmongers’ Hall, to the prestigious Royal Pharmaceutical Society, Fare is renowned for its impeccable service and style.

Having been through a merger and acquisition, the new owners were looking to build on past success to expand its client base across new and exciting venues. Fare’s existing brand wasn’t helping, and we were tasked with bringing Fare into the 21st century. To this end, we built a beautifully crafted identity and website that combines traditional values with a contemporary twist.

The word marque is set in the classic typeface Albertus, referencing the City of London street signs, where most of Fare’s venues can be found.

Captivated by the still life paintings of the 18th century, we collaborated with photographer Angela Moore and food stylist Peta O’Brien, to produce a suite of images that reflect sumptuous ingredients in a simplified modern-day setting.

Fare have embraced their new look with gusto. Be it a slow-cooked Kentish lamb for 300 black-tie diners, or smoked salmon and dill sandwiches for six, they continue to excite their clients’ taste buds, with a team of outstanding professionals who love what they do.

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