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Gate Theatre Notting Hill

No two visits to the tiny, 75-seater Gate Theatre are ever same – it’s been going for 35 years and it’s just as demanding, different and anarchic as ever. The space is closed in the day and has little physical presence at street level, so the theatre relies heavily on its website and reputation to sell tickets, drive interest, boost finances and recruit new members. We were commissioned to put the Gate Theatre in Notting Hill firmly on the map.

Spending a lot of time at the theatre and in the course of several conversations, it became clear that the Gate’s identity, printed materials and website needed to reflect its confrontational, ‘punk’ spirit.

As a result the identity has a restless quality, the marque changes configuration, images and backgrounds look gritty and printed materials tactile. And, of course, the website gave us the chance to showcase the fantastic content that the theatre was itching to share with the world.

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