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KBB Exhibition

Founded in 1985, KBB brings the world’s best kitchen, bedroom and bathroom brands to the UK. It’s a massive showcase for product innovations, promoting bestsellers, and networking. KBB wanted to attract new audiences but keep in with existing ones: from architects and designers, through to retail, trade and large contractors.

Inspired by the idea of over 14,000 products under one roof, we built an immersive and seemingly endless CGI landscape. A world that would offer up lots of ideas and possibilities for businesses. Using CGI allowed us to control all elements of the composition, and zoom in or out depending on the application. Accompanied by a powerful call to action, bold typography and a bright colour palette, our work took in everything from signage and print materials, to digital ads and animated sequences.

KBB were delighted with the results, as pre-event bookings and ticket sales were the best they had ever been in their 30-year history.


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