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Principals is one of the UK’s longest-established school caterers. Based in the South-East of England, they offer nutritional, wholesome food, backed by a dedicated team of professionals who care about the children they are feeding. Committed to all that’s happy and healthy, Principals works with over 140 schools and counting…

Having been through a buy-out, the new owners had ambitions to grow beyond the South-East. However, they understood that the education sector was moving at pace, and that their own identity was lagging behind.

To engage a wide audience of children, parents, staff, and local authorities, we built a lively, flexible experience that can be loud one minute and quieter the next. The iconic ‘P’ sits at the heart of the identity, bold icons enhance the story, and bright images feel fresh and fun.

Since launching the identity, Principals have already picked up new contracts, and have renewed confidence in creating a culture of great food for the next generation.

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