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Shobana Jeyasingh Dance

How do you connect with a younger, more diverse digital audience through dance? The extraordinary Shobana Jeyasingh Dance, formed in 1989 and led by a world-class artist, asked Spy to help them break the established mould.

SJD creates fearless and enigmatic dance works in all kinds of venues, including theatres, outdoor and indoor sites and on film. Pushing the possibilities of dance beyond storytelling, to stimulate thought, reaction and sensation through the movement of the human body. At once beguiling and unsettling, past works have explored science and classical painting, culinary trends and urban architecture.

We embarked on a journey of discovery and dialogue, studying their archive and live performances. Our imaginations were sparked by the harmony and tension of unique body shapes unfurling through space.

The logotype articulates this through gestural letterforms and negative space. It is free to move, though anchored by a dynamic line that responds to an angle or body position within an image. These core elements of the identity are in flux, always moving or shifting to another plane.

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The website and social media are key expressions of SJD’s offer. The understated design is crafted to prioritise content and allow the viewer to connect with dance on a more personal level.

Since launch, the company’s profile and reach has been building, along with a growing learning and participation initiative and new venue partnerships.

“From the get go Spy engaged and listened so carefully to all staff and stakeholders. They took on board the opinions coming at them from all sides. Always approachable, understanding and articulate; they worked tirelessly to a tight timetable and boy did they deliver.” Amanda Skoog, Executive Director, SJD

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“Spy demonstrated huge respect for our work and our processes. I cannot recommend them more highly and would be delighted to do it all again.”
Amanda Skoog, Executive Director, SJD