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Tara Theatre

Tara Theatre creates innovative, politically charged theatre harnessing the power of co-creation. Their work explores the complexities of our world through a South Asian lens, championing South Asian voices and artists, identifying new narratives, new ideas and new forms. Their South London home provides a democratic space for the local community and beyond. Tara Arts, as they were previously called, wanted to relaunch with a radical shift that embodied a name change to Tara Theatre.

Inspired by a history of activism, the visual identity is contemporary, raw and unapologetic. The simple graphic components naturally align with a straight-talking verbal identity and provide a framework for diverse imagery. The content becomes the focus, where stories are told and South Asian voices are heard.

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The symbol was derived from the initials TT, but intentionally resembles an X, referencing its use as a sign of collaboration, a potent political gesture, or simply a physical location. The symbol is an active connecting device, as part of the logo, the word ‘Theatre’ can be swapped with limitless alternatives, reflecting the breadth of what they do and their collaborative spirit.

It was vital to involve a variety of stakeholders during the process, through discussions, creative workshops and testing of ideas. This empowered the team to make decisions with confidence and launch a bold new brand. Fully equipped to drive change in the theatre industry.


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“Spy worked closely with our team to deliver a website that works brilliantly for us and our audiences – with room to develop as the company grows.”
Helen Jeffreys, Executive Director & Joint CEO, Tara Theatre
“Spy were absolutely brilliant to work with – talented, creative, sensitive and supportive. It was a collaborative process from start to finish.”
Helen Jeffreys, Executive Director & Joint CEO, Tara Theatre