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Renegade Inc

Renegade Inc is an independent media platform and TV talk show for people who want to see the other side of the coin. It provides a more balanced picture of the hot topics of the day, from economics and business, to politics and philosophy. Working closely with founders Ross and Megan Ashcroft, we helped Renegade Inc to define their positioning, with a punchy new visual identity, website and tone of voice.

Active across a range of media channels, Renegade Inc curates interviews and opinions from people with alternative viewpoints, questioning received wisdom and the status quo. Their ambition is to cut through the crap to get to the truth, so the brand and website needed to be direct, confident and powerful.

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  • Identity
  • Web

The stripped back visual language is a twist on that of the traditional news media. The logotype features as an unapologetically bold masthead, set in a modified version of Stanley, a spiky take on the archetypal newspaper typeface Times New Roman. The no-nonsense approach continues with simple highlight boxes and flashes of urgent yellow, a nod to Renegade Inc’s commitment to uncovering new ideas and in-depth debate.

Copywriter Jim Davies kept the language short, sharp and staccato, deliberately avoiding the double-speak and opaque language that often goes hand in hand with political discourse.

The instantly recognisable brand provides a toolkit for Renegade Inc that can evolve with their platform, whilst the website connects to a growing audience of people who think differently.

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